Same-Day Crowns in Greenville, TX

Our dentist explaining that we offer Same-Day Crowns in Greenville, TX.
Experiencing difficulty in biting due to cracked teeth?

Dental crowns can add to the aesthetics of your smile and improve your bite at the same time. We can fix dental crowns securely and safely to chipped or cracked teeth in a way that helps them blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Dental crowns are very efficient treatments and do offer some distinct advantages when compared with other alternatives. For example, fixing dental crowns is generally a simple, hassle-free procedure and does not involve invasive surgery.

How You Can Benefit from Dental Crowns at Graham Family Dental & Spa

Dental crowns are a good solution to a wide range of dental problems. For instance, they can:

  • Protect a damaged tooth from further wear and tear
  • Support a tooth that has been cracked, injured or damaged due to tooth decay
  • Protect a tooth once root canal procedure is completed
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth by changing its size, color or shape
  • Protect a dental implant

Moreover, dental crowns are an ideal option as a long-term solution. Most dental implants can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Our patients experience increased satisfaction after being fitted with dental crowns.

Dental crowns offer a high success rate compared to other restoration treatments. Feel free to visit us in Greenville, TX or call us for more information on the benefits of dental crowns.

Types of Dental Crowns to Choose from

Dental crowns can be of several types, including gold (or other metal alloys), stainless steel, porcelain (fused to metal), ceramic, or resin.

Costs vary depending on the type and size of dental crowns. Our friendly staff will be happy to update you on the latest types of dental crowns and help you make a treatment decision. Our expert dentist may fit you with a temporary dental crown (usually made of acrylic) while you wait for the permanent one.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Our dental office in Greenville is proud to offer same-day crowns. The process involves reshaping your tooth by filing down the enamel so that the crown can be placed over it, and a scan will be taken of that tooth and the surrounding teeth. This scan will be used to fabricate your crown so that it can be made to fit in the spot created for it and looks the same relative to the surrounding teeth. When you look in the mirror, you will see your old smile back!

With same-day crowns, there is no need for a temporary crown or wait 2-3 weeks for a lab to fabricate your crown. Dental crowns are durable and will usually last about 10-15 years. You should care for it as you would any of your other teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Call us today if you would like to learn more about how crowns can help restore your smile.

Same- Day Crowns FAQ

How does the process for same-day crowns differ from traditional crowns?

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Unlike traditional crowns that require multiple visits and a temporary crown between appointments, same-day crowns are made and placed in a single appointment. This is possible thanks to CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology, which allows our dentist to take digital impressions, design the crown, and mill it right in the office.

Will my same-day crown look natural?

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Yes, same-day crowns are designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth. The CAD/CAM technology used allows for precise color matching and detailed customization, ensuring that your crown blends seamlessly with your other teeth for a natural-looking appearance.

Are same-day crowns as durable as traditional crowns?

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Same-day crowns are made from high-quality ceramic materials that are durable and long-lasting. While they are comparable in strength and longevity to traditional crowns, the lifespan of any crown depends on factors such as material, placement, and oral hygiene. Our dentist can discuss the expected durability based on your specific situation.

Can I eat immediately after getting a same-day crown?

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After receiving a same-day crown, you can typically eat as soon as the anesthesia wears off. However, it's often recommended to avoid very sticky, hard, or chewy foods for a short period after the procedure to ensure the crown sets properly. Our dentist will provide specific post-procedure care instructions.

What happens if my same-day crown is damaged or needs adjustments?

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If your same-day crown is damaged, becomes loose, or needs adjustment, contact our dental office immediately. In many cases, minor adjustments can be made quickly, and if necessary, the crown can be re-milled in the same visit, thanks to the in-office CAD/CAM technology.