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Custom Mouth Guards in Greenville, TX

We only get one set of adult teeth in our lives, so it’s important to take very good care of them. Of course, this includes your routine of brushing at least twice per day, flossing, and regular trips to our office in Greenville, TX, for checkups and cleanings.

However, further measures can be taken to protect the integrity of your teeth, particularly if you or your child is an athlete. At Graham Family Dental & Spa, we’re happy to get you fitted for a custom mouth guard to protect your smile from potential hazards and injury.

Patient enquiring about our Custom Mouth Guards in Greenville, TX.
What Is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a protective apparatus worn in the mouth, specifically over the teeth. By having a mouth guard in place, the teeth are safe from collisions that could potentially destroy them.

There are three types of mouth guards. First, there are stock mouth guards that you can find in your local sporting goods store. These are not customizable, therefore possibly ill-fitting, and will not be able to provide a high level of protection. Second, there are boil-and-bite mouth guards that can be found in the same store, which are more easily customized by boiling the material to soften it, which then is molded to your teeth when you bite down on it.

Finally, there are custom mouth guards that you can have fitted right here in our office. Your dentist will take an impression of your bite to form a mold from which your mouth guard will be carefully crafted from the finest quality of materials. These mouth guards will provide the best protection as well as the most comfort.

Who Should Be Wearing a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards can and should be worn by anyone who is involved in contact sports. This includes wrestling, boxing, football, lacrosse, water polo, rugby, martial arts, hockey, and basketball. Further limited-contact athletic activities that pose a risk of an oral injury such as gymnastics, mountain biking, ice skating, skateboarding, surfing, weightlifting, and extreme sports.

To get fitted for a custom mouth guard, schedule your appointment today. Our team at Graham Family Dental & Spa wants to make sure your teeth are well-protected.

Mouth Guards FAQ

Who should wear a sporting mouth guard?

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Anyone participating in contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, or any activity with a risk of impact to the face should wear a mouth guard. Our dentist recommends that both children and adults wear mouth guards during such activities to protect their oral health.

What types of sporting mouth guards are available?

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There are three main types of mouth guards: stock mouth guards which are pre-formed and ready to wear, boil and bite mouth guards which are softened in hot water and then formed to the teeth, and custom-fitted mouth guards which are professionally made in our dental office to fit the unique contours of your teeth.

How should I care for my mouth guard?

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Rinse your mouth guard with cold water or a mouth rinse before and after each use and occasionally clean it with cool, soapy water. Store it in a firm, perforated container to prevent damage and allow air circulation. Avoid high temperatures to prevent distortion, and check it regularly for wear and tear, replacing it as necessary.

Can I wear a mouth guard if I have braces or other dental appliances?

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Yes, it's especially important to protect your mouth if you have braces or other fixed dental appliances. A properly fitted mouth guard will protect the soft tissues inside your mouth from injury by the braces. Our dentist can create a custom-fitted mouth guard to accommodate braces or other appliances.

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